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Reservation Office 

Required documents for the meditation retreat

Your valid passport and visa. (Hand in your passport to the reception, and retrieve it after you return your room keys )

Application form to confirm your reservation.

What do I have to bring for the meditation retreat?

A working alarm clock or timer. You must be able to set it to increments of five minutes   

(or borrow from the reservation office). You may also use your mobile phone as a timer.

At least two sets of white clothing (available at the local store).​ Bring white bras, white underwear/boxers. Please wash and return the clothing before leaving.

For women: Loose, modest, non-transparent white sarong or trousers, a loose white shirt with sleeves and a white ‘sa-bai’ (a white scarf, which is worn over the breast and around the left shoulder). You may borrow a white sabai from the monastery laundry room under the office.

For men: Loose, modest, non-transparent white trousers and a shirt. 

Personal items : (toiletries, a towel, and a water bottle for refilling, tea)​

Reservation procedure:

1. Fill out the application form with specific date of arrival and departure.

2. Submit your form through e-mail 

3. The applicants will get a response within 3 days.


If you have not received the confirmation email, please check your spam or junkmail folder.

Our reccomendation

Do not submit your application form if you are not ready. You may ask any questions before deciding.

Please state your full-name, arrival date and duration of stay. We will reply shortly for more information on availability.

Submitting your application form through e-mail to confirm reservation will help save time when you arrive.

Arrival procedure

1. Please arrive before 2:00 pm. to check in at the reservation office.

2. State your name and hand in your passport.

3. The passport will be kept at the office during your stay.

4. Receive your room key.

5. Receive the “Meditator Identification Card” indicated the monk meditation instructor

    (Phra Ajahn)’s name and the number of the room for your daily report.

6. Walk to your room, unpack and change into white shirt and trouser. 

7. + 3:30 pm; Meet in front of the International Vipassana Office.

    + 4:00 pm; Opening ceremony at Kuthi Hatainares (Ajahn Tong's residence).

    + 4:30 pm; Demonstration on practice methods at Wat Chomtong.

   *The mindful prostration

   *The walking meditation

   *The sitting meditation

8. Next day at 7:00 am; The meditation report begins (wait to be called by the monk instructor (Phra Ajahn). Be mindful while you wait patiently as the practice of mindfulness can be anytime, anywhere.

9. There are 2 meals per day:

    + 6:00 am. Breakfast + 11:00 am. Lunch. Choice of Thai food or Thai vegetarian food

    (to show respect at the dining hall; please remove your hat and hoodies).

International Vipassana Office

Contribution to our meditation program

If you choose to stay in an AC (optional) room, please ask for more information.

To maintain our meditation center, the office does not force each individual to contribute. If you wish to support us and help us with electricity bills, food bills, or maintenance expenses, put your cash in a white envelope with your name and only put it in the donation box at the office where you registered.

If you want a certificate of appreciation (dana) receipt, bring the envelope to the lady staff and inform them of your full name and the donated amount.

If any officials/staff coerced you to make a contribution (other than the optional accommodation AC room) or make you feel uneasy about making donations, please file a complaint to the managing director by email at

(Phra Srisilapajarn Dr.)

Vice-Abbot of Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong Worawihan

Traveling  to Wat Chomtong  

(Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong Woravihara, Chomthong, 50160, Chiang Mai):

From Chiang Mai city (gate market)

Blue bus

Blue bus from Chiangmai - Hod - Doi tao    fee  60 baht

Schedule:  06.10, 07.00, 07.50, 09.00, 09.50, 10.40, 11.30, 12.20, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30 

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours


Yellow song-taew

Yellow song-taew from Chiang Mai- Chomthong     fee  60 baht

Leaves approximately every 15 to 30 minutes                                                

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours


Commuter bus

Commuter bus from Chiang Mai (chang pueak bus station) - Hod     fee  140 baht

Schedule: 06.00, 10.00        Booking only (limited seat)                             

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes   


Chiang Mai Taxi

Airport taxi            fee: 1,000- 1,200 baht.

Anytime (avoid city traffic between 3:30-5:00pm.)                                                   

Duration: 1 hour

Location: CNX International airport or call for pick-up

Travelling from Bangkok, Mochit Bus Station (north bound)

Bus 999 to Chomtong

Tour bus                fee 600-700 baht.

Schedule: 19:30                                                 

Duration: 11 hours and 30 minutes (Parks in front to Wat Chomtong or notify the driver)

Your check-in point at Mochit is on the first floor or third floor (either of them). Please look for the counter of 999 Transport Co. Bus Company or ask at the information desk on the first floor.

Location:  Mochit 2 Bus Terminal (north bound) 

Bus from Wat Chomthong to Bangkok (Mochit bus station)

Borkorsor 999 Bus                fee 572 baht.

Schedule: 18:00 ( Arrive before 17:30)                                               

Duration: 11 hours and 30 minutes

Buy your ticket at the mobile phone store (ticket vendor) ---->

200 meters from Wat Chomtong



Reservation office

Office Hours:
Every day between   

Morning     08:00 to 11:20.

Afternoon  13:00 to 16:30.


Telephone: +66 5 334-2184 Ext. 11 

WhatsApp: (+66) 081-99-666-44 (อยู่เยอรมนี)

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