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Meditation halls

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We are glad to introduce various meditation halls at our monastery.

Meditation hall (4th floor)
meditation (blue carpet)

Phrasatthamthepsitthajarnrangslit Building (blue carpet)

Five-story building, the 1st floor can fit up to 250 people with restrooms on the side. The 4th floor is a wooden floor meditation hall which can also fit 250 people with restrooms on the side.

Open between 08.00 until 21.30 with fans available. Occassionally the first floor will be occupied, for holding activities, but you may practice on the 4th floor. You are not permitted to enter 2nd, 3rd, 5th floor which are monk zones.

1st floor room may be unavailable when there's a conference and on Saturday meditation session for the Chom Tong locals.

Cave-like meditation hall

Dhammasala Rojanatrakarnusorn (behind the old telephone booth)

Two-story building which can fit up to 100 people. The first floor is permitted for meditation practice for 24 hours. Help us turn off the fans and the lights before you leave.

The 2nd floor is a private residence for monks-only. You are not permitted to enter. 

Mahasala red carpet chanting hall
Red carpet

Mahasalahatainares (red carpet)

The Grand Pavillion can hold up to 1,000 people. You may practice here during the day.  The Sangha uses this place to conduct morning chant at 04.30 and evening chant at 18:30. Open everyday between 4.30 until 19.30 


AC meditation room
International vipassana meditation

Meditation and demonstration room

Rectangle glass room, which can fit up to 30 people. Open 24 hours. You may use the air-conditioner between 12:30 to 16:30 . A space to get away from the hot weather during the day. Meditation demonstation for Thai students at 17:00. 

พระพรหมมงคง 100ปี
meditation pavillion

Phra Prom Mongkol 100 years Pavillion

Located across Kuti Hatainares (opening ceremony bldg.) next to the men's residence,

Capacity: 100 Open 24 hours with no fan and a nearby toilet. There are lights available at night.

Golden Pagoda (Chedi)

Golden Pagoda Square

One of the oldest historical sites of the northern province. Lanna-style architecture with faithful Buddhists travelling from all over the country to pay respect during the day (not suitable for meditating during the day). Open hours: 5:00-18:00

You are allowed to come practice between 18:30 until 21:50.   

The backgate near the bathroom is open until 22:00.

Facts about this place

What are the fees for the course?

Do I need to make a reservation online? Do you accept walk-ins?

There are no fixed price. The temple does not force you to make a donation, you only donate what you feel reasonable out of good intention and good will. The temple does have expenses trying to strive month by month.

Yes, please make a reservation online, for the staff to manage the accommodation before your arrival. You may arrive during office-hours. 8:00-10:00 and 13:00 - 16:00.

We accept walk-ins between 8:00-10:00 and 13:00-14:00pm. We reserve the room for advance booking.

For more information, mail us at

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