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Frequently asked questions


About the course

The Foundation course is around 21 days.

Also available for 3 / 5 / 7days for those with limited time.

Practice, practice, and more practice being mindful starting from waking-up to lying down to sleep. 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week.

Advanced retreat for recurring students (10 days).

Practice Method

Insight Meditation based on the  4 Foundations of Mindfulness

(Satipatthana 4)


If I am travelling with a friend, can we stay together?

Couples are not allowed to stay together. If found in the same room, you will be evicted immediately. If you are unable to stay alone, notify the reservation office for special consideration by case. 

What are the costs for the stay?

Our policy do not have fixed charge per person/day for fan room.

To donate, put your money into a white envelope with your name and drop it into the donation box at the reservation office, or ask for the temple official receipt. The monastery does not force you to make donation, but your contribution supports the meditation program.

Air-conditioned room have minimum donation of 300 baht  per day.

The participant may choose the type of room out of free will.

How important is the air-conditioned room for the meditators?

The weather in Thailand from April to July has an average temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius (95-104 Fahrenheit). Travellers from cooler countries may not be aclimated to the hot and humid climate. It may take a few days to adjust, which may cause sleep deprivation. So, the center offers the AC option for those interested. However, please check with the weather forecast before making a decision.

Can I change rooms in between the program?

Once you have started the meditation retreat, you may not change the type of room.


What are the fees for the course?

There are no fixed price. The temple does not force you to make a donation, you only donate what you feel reasonable out of good intention and good will. The temple does have expenses to trying to strive month by month.

Do I need to make a reservation online?

Do you accept walk-ins?

You do not need to make a reservation online, however it would helpful if the staff knows ahead of time before your arrival. You may arrive during office-hours.

On arrival day, the staff will show you the area around the meditation center.

Contact/ Getting here

Joining us

Make reservations online through email. 

Arrive during office hours from 8:00am. to 11:00am.

1:00pm. to 3:00pm

​​ (english assistance)


WhatsApp: (+66) 0819966644 

Transportation Options

1.Airport taxi from Chiang Mai International Airport to Wat Phrathat Si Chomtong 1000-1200 Thai Baht.(1-hour) or

Grab Taxi

2.Blue bus from South Gate `(Chiang Mai) or Chang Peuak bus station (Available every hour from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. ) 3.Yellow songtaew (also from Chiang Mai Gate).

Leave at 1:00P.M. to arrive on time. 

*Blue Bus and Yellow Song-taew takes 1.45- 2 hours.

Cost: 40 baht

From Bangkok, buses go directly from Mochit 2 new bus terminal, Bangkok, to Watchomtong every evening.

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