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Wat Phradhatu Sri  Chom Tong Voravihara, Chiang Mai

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Thailand Vipassana Insight Meditation

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Thailand’s Centre of Vipassana Insight Meditation

Welcome to Thailand’s leading Centre of Vipassana Insight Meditation founded in 1991 by Phra Ajahn Thong Sirimangalo. The centre sits within Watchomtong, Chiang Mai, a temple and monastery with a history stretching back to Buddha himself.   Our courses are open for both Thai & foreign students to practice the original Buddha's Dhamma teachings of mindfulness meditation passed down to our Thai Buddhist Monks.
For internationals students, you will be placed with our 'Phra Ajahn - Buddhist Monk teachers' to guide you in Thai, English, or French through the traditional four foundations of mindfulness over  5-10 and 21 day courses. Discover the unique practice of mindful prostration, walking meditation and sitting meditation, guided with daily insight reporting by Phra Ajahn Thong’s disciples who continue this divine 2,500 year old practice and a truly life changing experience!

Address: 157, Moo 2, Chiangmai-Hot Rd. Ban Luang, Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai, 50160

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Watchomtong - Centre of Vipasanna Insight Meditation © 2023
| Phone: +66 5 334-2184 Ext. 11  |  Google Map
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