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Dining Hall

Meals are provided twice a day
Breakfast at 06:00 A.M.  Lunch at 11:00 A.M.

Pick up as much food as needed to sustain from hunger and gain energy to practice. Two types of food are offered daily, Thai food and Thai-vegetarian food. Breakfast is usually single-dish (congee rice soup). For lunch, white rice, 2 side dishes, and sometimes with fruits. *Some Thai dishes may contain bones in the chicken, pork, fish so eat mindfully.

breakfast/ lunch line-up

Eating utensils

You'll be given compartment dish, spoon, and fork on your first day to use until your last day, please clean and return it to the dining hall. You may also bring your own tupperware or reusable plastic box to store your meal. 


Where to sit

You are allowed to eat inside the dining hall (left side) mindfully without talking or conversing with other meditators, please wash your dishes at the washing station behind the dining hall to the left. *Some instructors may have special instructions and ask you to eat in your room to avoid distraction of mindfulness from other meditators. 

หอฉัน dining hall

Dining hall rules

1. Take off your hat and lower your hoodies.

2. Wash your hands before scooping food.

3. Be mindful while scooping and eating in the dining hall.

4. The last round for breakfast is at 06.40 and the last round for lunch is 11.30

5. Finish your meal before 07.40 (breakfast)  and by 12.45 (lunch).

6. Do not feed the animals. Throw the left-overs in the bin or designated area for good hygiene. The leftovers will be used to feed over hundred stray dogs that the nun is taking care of behind the monastery.

Dish washing station

Located behind the dining hall, with designated bin to throw out leftovers. Dishwashing station located behind the Mahasala hall and the bathroom is behind the dining hall. You must always wash your own dish and utensils after breakfast and lunch.

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